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The AAMC has a wealth of information on how to apply to allopathic medical schools and hosts the AMCAS application service.

AACOM provides tons of free information regarding osteopathic medical schools and hosts the AACOMAS application service.

Texas has its own application service and admissions process specifically for Texas state medical schools. Baylor University is the only medical school that uses AMCAS and not TMDSAS.

Medical School Admissions Prep

Although you are here to work on your science classes, there are also opportunities for you to start working on your medical school application as well! During the year, you can expect the following:

  • Compile & finalize your Experiences section (see tab)

  • Draft & finalize your Personal Statement

  • Research medical schools & compile your School List (Use MSAR- see tab)

  • Participate in Mock Interviews

  • Study for the MCAT using Kaplan resources (see tab)

  • Take CASPer Test in early June (see advising workshops)


Once May rolls around, you will be taking your final exams, studying for and finally taking the MCAT, filling out your AMCAS, AACOMAS, or TMDSAS applications, and preparing for your glide year- it will be crazy! So take advantage of the opportunities to knock large portions of your medical school application process out of the way during the year to lighten your load next summer.


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