MCAT Monday: Individuals and Society - Discrimination

Foundational Concept 8 focuses on the physical, cognitive, and social components of our identity, as well as how these components influence the way we think about and interact with others.

With these building blocks, medical students will be able to learn how to communicate and collaborate with patients and other members of the health care team. (via AAMC)

The content in this category covers the notions of self-concept and identity, along with the role of self-esteem, self-efficacy, and locus of control in the development of self-concept. Identity formation, including developmental stages and the social factors that affect identity formation, is also covered here. Theories are included to provide historical context for the field of identity formation. (via AAMC)



Practice Questions:

1. Which of these describes a case of individual discrimination? Choose 1 answer:

  • A: A female executive believes that women are superior negotiators because they are better at finding compromise. When a position opened up for a negotiator, she only interviewed women.

  • B: A professor thinks that all girls are bad at math but treats all of his students the same.

  • C: A bartender knows a man who stopped drinking. The man no longer goes out to the bar. This causes the bartender to believe that people who do not drink do not know how to have fun.