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MCAT Monday: Individuals and Society - Social Interactions

Foundational Concept 8 focuses on the physical, cognitive, and social components of our identity, as well as how these components influence the way we think about and interact with others.

With these building blocks, medical students will be able to learn how to communicate and collaborate with patients and other members of the health care team. (via AAMC)

The content in this category covers the notions of self-concept and identity, along with the role of self-esteem, self-efficacy, and locus of control in the development of self-concept. Identity formation, including developmental stages and the social factors that affect identity formation, is also covered here. Theories are included to provide historical context for the field of identity formation. (via AAMC)


Practice Questions:

1. A student feels nauseous at school and thinks she is going to be sick. She walks out of the class during the teacher’s lesson. The teacher misinterprets this action by thinking the student does not care about school. Which sociological paradigm can best explain this scenario? Choose 1 answer:

  • A: Symbolic Interactionism

  • B: Conflict Theory

  • C: Social Constructionism

  • D: Functionalism

2. Gary and Sandy are friends. Sandy is attracted to Gary but Gary sees Sandy as a friend. This will affect how they act towards each other. So when Gary buys movie tickets, Sandy misinterprets this as a sign that Gary likes her since she thinks of him as a potential boyfriend. Which sociological concept can best explain this scenario? Choose 1 answer:

  • A: Symbolic Interactionism

  • B: Functionalism

  • C: Conflict Theory

  • D: Social Constructionism

3. Which of the following could be considered an achieved status? Choose 1 answer:

  • A: Prisoner in Jail

  • B: Brother

  • C: All of the above

  • D: Prince

4. When King Erickson was born, he automatically obtained the statuses of son, brother, and prince. All of these are examples of which sociological concept? Choose 1 answer:

  • A; Achieved Status

  • B: Master Status

  • C: Ascribed Status

  • D: All of the Above

5. Ted is an architect at a big firm and has an important meeting on Monday in New York City. During that weekend, his daughter also has a ballet recital and it is his fifth anniversary. His friends also asked him to watch the game on Sunday. Ted is experiencing which sociological concept? Choose 1 answer:

  • A: Role Stress

  • B: Role Tension

  • C: Role Conflict

  • D: Role Strain

6. Robin is an employee at a very large corporation. There are thousands of people that work at the San Francisco office but she goes out with Tracy and Evelyn every Friday after work for dinner. The three of them care deeply about one another and have a sense of loyalty in their relationships. This best illustrates which sociological concept? Choose 1 answer:

  • A: Primary Group

  • B: Tertiary Group

  • C: Reference Group

  • D: Secondary Group

7. Jed is the CEO of a large corporation and his CFO is resigning next week. As he looks through his list of potential candidates, one applicant for the job stands out. Kim has been with the company for twenty years and has done excellent work, but Jed refuses to give her the job. Since Kim was the most qualified applicant, she asked why she did not get the job and Jed told her that it was her Asian ethnicity. What sociological paradigm does Jed best demonstrate in this scenario? Choose 1 answer:

  • A: Sexism

  • B: Discrimination

  • C: Prejudice

  • D: Glass Ceiling

8. Alyssa is about to go to an office party. Before she goes she is at home brushing her teeth, putting on makeup, and trying on different outfits. After trying on many different outfits in the privacy of her home, she is satisfied with how she looks and goes to the party. The place where Alyssa privately gets ready can be described by which sociological term? Choose 1 answer:

  • A: Front Stage

  • B: Primary Stage

  • C: Backstage

  • D: Secondary Stage

9. As a student, Hammond is very busy. It is finals week, and he has to study for his biology, history, and English exams, two final papers to finish, and a speech to give in his public speaking class. He also has to finish a research project for his economics course. Which sociological concept best describes Hammond’s situation? Choose 1 answer:

  • A: Role Conflict

  • B: Role Stress

  • C: Role Strain

  • D: Role Tension

10. Shelby is a pre-med student at the local university. A well-known medical practice allows her to shadow them a few days a week. Shelby notices many characteristics while shadowing the group of physicians including the way they dress and interact with others. Shelby now knows how a professional physician should act after spending a few weeks visiting the medical practice. The medical practice is an example of: Choose 1 answer:

  • A: Out-Group

  • B: Secondary Group

  • C: Primary Group

  • D: Reference Group

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