MCAT Monday: Process the Environment - Memory

Foundational Concept 6B: The way we think about the world depends on our awareness, thoughts, knowledge, and memories. It is also influenced by our ability to solve problems, make decisions, form judgments, and communicate. Psychological, sociocultural, and biological influences determine the development and use of these different yet convergent processes.

Biological factors underlie the mental processes that create our reality, shape our perception of the world, and influence the way we perceive and react to every aspect of our lives. (via AAMC)

Practice Videos:

Practice Question:

1. Which of the following statements is an example of explicit memory? Choose 1 answer:

  • A: A teenager remembers her tenth birthday party.

  • B: A dog learns that food is associated with a bell.

  • C: A 30 year-old woman recalling how to ride a bicycle after years of not riding.

  • D: A man forms a habit of checking his email every night right before bed.

2. What type of memory loss is most common during the initial stage of Alzheimer’s disease? Choose 1 answer:

  • A: Short term memory loss

  • B: Semantic memory loss

  • C: Episodic memory loss