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University of Colorado Presents Virtual Clinical Opportunities

We got some news that the University of Colorado is providing some virtual clinical opportunities that may be of interest to some of you:

Virtual Shadowing course is a series of 5 classes in which students will watch over the shoulder of a physician, nurse practitioner, or PA as s/he goes bedside in the ED to assess and diagnose a simulated patient. The video is followed-up by a series of questions posed to the student and then a summary by the physician. A short quiz on the topic addressed finalizes each class. The first of the "e-shadowing" sessions is up and ready for student learning. The virtual shadowing videos are free and if so desired, after successfully completing all five, students can apply for a Certificate of Completion from the University of Colorado School of Medicine for a $50 fee (covering our costs of producing the videos). Those interested in viewing the first video series please email Bre McKercher at for a link.

Basic Wilderness First Aid. This approximately 12 hour course covers a wide variety of austere medicine topics and is perfect for students interested in rural medicine, global health, disaster medicine, and of course, wilderness medicine. More info can be found at This course costs $95.00.

Don't forget that we have listed a number of virtual volunteer opportunities on our website: Whether you are in Charlottesville, home, or need to be a little more health cautious, these are some great options to learn more about medicine and build your skill sets.

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