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When can I start my med school application!?

So many of you are excited to start working on your medical school application and we love your enthusiasm! However, good grades are the best thing to add to your application, so stay concentrated on Gen Chem for now. We promise we have a plan in place for you to get all of this done!

July 29th will be our first advising session where we will go over the medical school application process and have you start working on your Experiences section. This will be due after August Break, so you will have several weeks of uninterrupted time to work on that assignment. We always encourage you to complete the Experiences section BEFORE starting your Personal Statement- we promise to coach you through all of this, so just trust us ;)

What CAN you be doing now? Set up an Interfolio account and start collecting letters of recommendation from your pre-PBPM references. They may or may not have supported your PostBacCAS application, so just have them update the letter to say "medical school" and upload it securely to your Interfolio account. Your last boss/supervisor? They will have a lot more to say about you now than a year from now. Ask them now and get their letter uploaded to Interfolio. You can upload all of your Letters to AMCAS/AACOMAS/TMDSAS in one easy swoop, so get them now so they are ready for later :)

Any other questions? Shoot your advisors an email at

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