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Application and Medical School Funding Information


AAMC Application Fee Assistance Program (FAP): Apply to FAP before registering for the MCAT or applying via AMCAS as they don't reimburse for expenses already paid


Military service via Uniformed Services University or Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP): each military branch has their own HPSP program.

Army HPSP Webinar:


Service to under-resourced/underserved populations:


$500 dollar scholarships

Hispanic Health Professional Student Scholarship: Students who are eligible to apply must be enrolled full time in the following accredited graduate programs: medicine (allo and osteo), dentistry, pharmacy, nursing (including BSN), public health/policy, and physician’s assistant. You can find the FAQs for the scholarship by going to:

PLUS Loans

PLUS loans are very common for professional school. They are also really easy to qualify for.

The credit check for Plus loans does not require any credit history at all. It only requires that the student not have a specific amount of adverse credit history. So, no credit at all will be just fine.

Specifically, the adverse credit issues that will get a PLUS loan denied (require qualifying co-signer) are:

  1. One or more debts with a total balance of over $2085 over 90 days late as of the date of the credit check, in collections, or charged off within 2 years.

  2. In the 5 years before the credit check, the student has been subject to:

  • Default Determination

  • Bankruptcy Discharge

  • Foreclosure

  • Repossession

  • Tax Lien

  • Wage Garnishment

  • Write-Off of Federal Student Aid Debt


If applicants don’t have any of these issues, they will pass the PLUS loan check and get funded up to their full cost of education.

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