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Linkage Timelines

University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

August or October  

  • Verify eligibility for linkage (undergraduate GPA and prerequisites)

  • Attend Pittsburgh Linkage Visit Day (optional)

  • Confirm intention to apply to the Linkage Program



  • Complete Experience Worksheet assignment

  • Meet with your advisor and/or linkage advisor to discuss your Experience Worksheet and brainstorm Personal Statement topic(s)

  • Request Letters of Recommendation through Interfolio (send Committee Letter request to



  • Begin drafting a Personal Statement

  • Discuss Personal Statement with advisor for feedback



   November 1                           

  • Confirm final decision to pursue linkage

  • Send AMCAS ID number Pittsburgh at 

  • Pittsburgh sends directions for filling out the AMCAS application

  • Check on status of your Letters of Recommendation (Committee Letters will be done in time for the secondary application)

   November 30

  • Submit final Experiences section & 1st draft of Personal Statement to advisor(s) for feedback

  • Request all transcripts, including UVA's for your summer grades, be sent to AMCAS. 
    Note: You'll need to send transcripts from any dual enrollment, community college, undergraduate and graduate programs.



   December 1st 

  • Finalize Personal Statement and Experiences
    December 15th

  • Submit AMCAS application by December 15th to begin verification process

  • Verify with UVA Registrar that Fall semester grades are posted on official transcript and then send directly to Pitt Med

  • Send all Letters from Interfolio to AMCAS



  • Complete and submit secondary application before January 18th



  • Pittsburgh sends interview invitations early February           

  • Students interview at Pittsburgh mid-to-late February


  • Final admissions decisions are released by Pittsburgh mid March

  • All acceptances are contingent upon successful completion of Spring semester with a cumulative 3.75+ GPA for entire post-bac year

  • Any grade below a “B” will initiate a re-review and is grounds for loss of eligibility to participate in the Linkage Program

Mid August- Classes begin!

The George Washington University School of Medicine & Health Sciences

October 27

  • Student decides with advisor about applying

  •  Applicant completes AMCAS application without submitting it to AMCAS

  •  Applicant gives AMCAS application to Linkage Program Coordinator

November 17

  • UVA Advisors send nomination documentation to GW Director of Admissions

  • Applicant’s letter to Dean Koutroulis stating reasons for applying to GW linkage Program

  • UVA Advisors' Letter of Support to GW on behalf of the Applicant

  • AMCAS application with calculated overall minimum GPA of 3.6

  • Copy of linkage institution application

  • Copy of transcripts, including applicant’s summer linkage program grades

  • Copy of SAT, ACT or GRE scores

  • Copy of linkage institution’s internal, confidential assessment of the student Interview or written recommendation

  • Resume

  • Copies of the letters of recommendation applicant submitted as part of linkage institution application

  • Institution action and information regarding any conviction, guilty plea or no lo contendere plea to a criminal offense.

  • Syllabi and additional information on any online modalities used for courses especially the nature of lab courses primarily taught through distance methods

Selection Process – December, January, February

1) By December 5: Admissions Office notifies post-baccs of interview and sends Secondary Application
    for applicant to complete and return (with fee for Secondary Application)
2) By January 29: Linkage Program Coordinator sends Director of Admissions a Reference letter and Transcript with fall     grades

3) By February 13: Linkage applicant interviews at GW (virtually)
4) By March 8: Admissions Office sends out accept or reject letters

    For Accepted Linkage Program Students (No guarantee for admission to MD Program): Applicant must provide               Director of Admissions their program of studies to fulfill course requirements and midterm grades and final grades in     each course when available.
5) By April 30: Applicants Accepted to the Linkage  sit one time only for the MCAT no later than April 30. Applicants to the linkage may not have taken the MCAT previously.

May & June

  • Final GPA, MCAT official score received and review of any other requested materials for determination of final acceptance

  • UVA PBPM Academic Performance

         - Maintain an overall 3.5 GPA
         - No grade lower than a B- (receipt of a C or below will terminate contract)
         - No institutional action
         - MCAT Requirements: MINIMUM Overall score of 512 

  • Required course work: 8 semester hours, including 2 semester hours of lab work in each of the following:

         - Biology or zoology

         - General chemistry

         - Organic chemistry

         - Physics

         - Social / Behavioral Science

         - Biostatistics, Math, or Research

         - English (6 semester hours)

         - Biochemistry recommended

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