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Experiences Section

For this section, you will have the opportunity to list up to 15 experiences in the following categories:

  • Artistic Endeavors

  • Community Service/Volunteer - Medical/Clinical

  • Community Service/Volunteer - Not Medical/Clinical

  • Conferences Attended

  • Extracurricular Activities

  • Hobbies

  • Honors/Awards/Recognitions

  • Intercollegiate Athletics

  • Leadership - Not Listed Elsewhere

  • Military Service

  • Other

  • Paid Employment - Medical/Clinical

  • Paid Employment - Not Medical/Clinical

  • Physician Shadowing/Clinical Observation

  • Presentations/Posters

  • Publications

  • Research/Lab

  • Social Justice/Advocacy

  • Teaching/Tutoring/Teaching Assistant

Each "Experience Description" is limited to 700 characters including spaces. Note: a lot of identifying information will be listed before you even start writing the Experience Description, so don't waste space by duplicating information!

Sample Experience.JPG

For 3 of your 15 Experiences, you are able to annotate them as "Most Meaningful Experience". Keep in mind - you still have a basic "Experience Description" with 700 characters (including spaces!), but you also have an additional 1325 characters (including spaces) to write why it was so meaningful to you.


Most Meaningful Experience.JPG
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