Incoming Student Action Items

 Action Items

Save the Dates!

Math Boot Camp & Orientation: June 16-17

Summer Session II (Chemistry 1): June 21- July 17

Summer Session III (Chemistry 2): July 19- August 13

1st Day of Fall Semester: August 24

Fall Break: October 9-12

Last Day of Fall Finals: December 17

1st Day of Spring Semester: January 19

Spring Break: March 5-13

Last Day of Spring Finals: May 13

Activating your UVA Accounts & ID Photo Upload

Activate your UVA Computing ID & Password:

These credentials will not only grant you access to your new UVA email & Zoom accounts, but you will need these to access SIS (Student Information System) where you will apply for financial aid, update personal information, make payments, and view your grades and transcripts.

In order to create your UVA password and access your accounts, you’ll need to follow the next steps:

1. Go to the New to UVA Student IT Checklist. If you need to create or reset a password, complete the form using the following information:
    Computing ID:  xxx
    SIS ID (also your Access Code) : XXX

2. You can log into SIS by going to the UVA homepage and clicking "SIS" in the upper right-hand corner. Use computing ID and password to enter.
3. Set up your 2-step Duo login with primary and secondary devices (i.e.- your computer and cellphone)
4. Log into your UVA Gmail account & create UVA Zoom account (See Student IT Checklist for direct links)

For Photo Submissions: 

Photos must meet the following requirements:

  • Background must be solid white or light color

  • Face and shoulders must be face forward

  • No sunglasses, hats, or anyone else in photo

  • Photo must be a color JPEG, minimum of 2x3 inches

  • File should not exceed 400 KB

  • Submit only one photo at a time

***You will receive an email accepting or rejecting your photo. Please monitor this and submit an updated photo if your initial photo is rejected. Feedback from ID Services will be offered in order to improve photo acceptance.


Off-Grounds: One way to begin your search for privately owned housing is the University Off-Grounds Housing Office (OGHO) or the Blue Ridge Apartment Council.

Other options for finding housing or classified lists are through the local newspaper, The Daily Progress or check on

Once the class is finalized (mid-March), we will send names and email addresses in case you'd like to coordinate roommates/housing situations.

Note: We do not recommend apartments in the 12th and 14th street areas of Charlottesville. These areas are heavily populated by undergraduates and are known for late night parties that are disruptive to neighbors.

***While Post-Bac students are eligible for on-Grounds housing, they receive last priority in that process as they are non-degree students. We have had PBPM students explore this option in the past, but most end up choosing off-Grounds options. 

Student Health Insurance & Requirements

Student Health Insurance- Summer Coverage: Available beginning in May! All students are required to hold health insurance for the entire duration of the Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Medical Program. Should you need summer coverage, please email Since the coverage is for UVA Summer Sessions 1-3, and our program begins at the start of Summer Session 2, an adjusted rate premium of $448.80 will be available to PBPM students for the two summer sessions (June 21st-August 14th). 

Pre-Entrance Health Form: Due August 1! All PBPM students are required to have a healthcare provider complete the 2021-2022 Pre-Entrance Health Form for Medical & Nursing Students. (NOW AVAILABLE!!) Since you will have similar access to UVA Health System as medical & nursing students, all post-bac students are held to the same health requirement standards.  We recommend having this form completed no later than August 1, 2021 and submitted directly to UVA’s Department of Student Health. Failure to complete this form on time could result in removing you from classes.

Student Health Insurance 2021-2022: Beginning July 19th, you can enroll/waive UVA Student Health Insurance for the 2021-2022 academic year. Coverage will begin August 1, 2021 and will extend to July 31, 2022. Annual Premium is $3148. Failure to enroll/waive this health insurance will result in an automatic charge of $3148 on September 30, 2021. 

Student Disability Access Center

Financial Aid

  • Complete the FAFSA! When completing the question about grade level, you should indicate “5th year/other undergraduate,” not graduate; the question about what degree you are working on should be answered “Other.” 

  • You may receive a combination of subsidized and unsubsidized loans up to $12,500/year (independent students) or $7,500/year (dependent students). These loans are split evenly between fall and spring terms.

  • Federal aid is not available for the summer term. Students typically secure private loans for summer. For additional information on applying for private loans check the Financial Aid website. If you have any questions regarding the financial aid process, please email Debbie Davis.

  • Whether or not you plan to apply for Financial Aid, all students must complete this brief Financial Aid survey by March 22.

PBPM Student Tips

  • Here are some tips from former post-bacs to help you prepare for your transition to the PBPM Program:

  • The number one recommendation is to enjoy your next few months! Spend time with friends and family, travel, and participate in activities you love. Finish your current engagements (work, school etc.) strong, so that you can focus on school once you arrive in Charlottesville.

  • Give some thought to things you can do now to make your life easier later. Invest in a crock\instant pot, compile some easy recipes, and make sure you have comfortable closed-toed shoes you can wear to lab. Consider investing in a planner and a calculator you are comfortable using.

  • If you are moving from somewhere with a very different climate, consider stocking up on some Virginia appropriate apparel (it’s hot and humid in the summer, and it snows in the winter!).

  • Per a recent alum's advice, the first 5-7 videos in this Khan Academy playlist may ease your transition into General Chemistry this summer.