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Interfolio is an online dossier service which will confidentially collect your letters of recommendations and allow you to seamlessly upload these to any medical school application service (AMCAS, AACOMAS, or TMDSAS). Although there is a cost associated with this service ($48), this process will allow you to request your letters of recommendation NOW so they are ready to go when it is time to apply!

1) Sign up to start your Interfolio Dossier Deliver account (you will need the Dossier Deliver option because this will actually allow your letters of recommendation to be delivered to AMCAS, AACOMAS, &/or TMDSAS vs. just collecting them)

2) Who should you ask to write you a letter? 

     - One science faculty member

     - At least one Medical and/or Work related reference

         **(If you are applying AACOMAS, a DO doctor will need to write a letter on your behalf!)
     - If at all possible, someone from your undergraduate days- a professor, your major advisor, etc.

     - Dr. Powers, Susan, and Jillian will collaborate on a Committee Evaluation for you. Send your request                    to We promise to submit your Committee Evaluation by late June. 

3) Begin sending requests through Interfolio to anyone who you would like to write a letter of recommendation on your behalf.


**Note: In addition, you should also send a personal email (from your own email account) requesting a letter, along with your CV, Resume, and/or Personal Statement can be helpful to your recommenders. 

      - Feel free to download this AAMC Guide to Writing to Letters of Evaluation and include it in your personal                email. 

      - You will be able to monitor who has/hasn't uploaded a letter for you. Interfolio can send automatic                         reminders for you, but feel free to follow up with your recommenders directly. 

4) Do all of this NOW! Fall semester is a great time to ask your letter writers as they won't be an inundated with similar requests (like they will be in the spring!). 

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