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Virtual Volunteering Opportunities

Although COVID-19 presents some physical and social challenges when wanting to volunteer, fortunately technology provides another modality for people to connect, investigate, give time, and serve their communities, locally, nationally, and globally. See below for some ways you can volunteer from the comfort of your own home.

Please visit the NAAHP resource list for a running list of virtual learning and volunteering opportunities.

Medically related options:

Non-Medically related options:

  • UVA Volunteer Tutoring Network: K-12 Program: The COVID-19 pandemic has required elementary, middle, and high schools to transition to online learning for the remainder of the semester. This major shift in education has required many parents/legal guardians to take increasing roles in their child's education, potentially leaving gaps for families with essential jobs who have increased working hours. Students at the School of Medicine in partnership with Madison House have created the UVA Volunteer Tutoring Network, a free virtual tutoring service for children of healthcare workers at UVA Hospital and other clinics/nursing homes in Charlottesville and Albemarle County. Graduate students and faculty volunteers within the University of Virginia community are matched with K-12 students based on their indicated subject needs and meet through online videoconferencing with periodic follow up by program coordinators and teachers. Please circulate this sign up form: to active medical employees at UVA Hospital for free volunteer tutoring in K-12 subjects. For more  information please contact

  • Tutor disadvantaged students online with

  • Volunteer digitally to research and expose human rights violations:

  • Use your technical and creative skills to help organizations across the world through

  • Become a Digital Smithsonian Museum Volunteer through

Engage in free online learning opportunities:

For other ideas, see this comprehensive Google doc with virtual volunteering opportunities curated by the NAAHP

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