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Question: How should I prepare for the MCAT?

Although there is no “one size fits all” best way to prepare for the “new” MCAT the following is a guideline you can consider as you move through your post bac year.   This guide was prepared using input from former PBPM students from the last three cohorts and information post bac program directors and advisors have shared from other institutions.  Information in bold should be priorities regarding timing and preparation.

Question: How can I get accommodations for the MCAT exam?

If you plan to apply for MCAT accommodations or are even just considering it, we recommend researching this process as early as possible. The AAMC has a robust website with all of the information needed to apply. In addition, there are specific submission dates that are recommended. 

There is a lengthy list of application materials needed for your request to be considered, so start early! This includes a comprehensive evaluation by a qualified provider (see #3 on this link). You'll also need to submit additional academic and  medical documentation- use the AAMC website to ensure that you follow all necessary steps & submit a complete application.

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