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As if taking the MCAT wasn't already a daunting experience, adding a worldwide pandemic brings a few new things to this standardized exam experience. However, you can practice! Here are some tips from recent examinees:

  • Wear a mask: Practice taking exams with a mask on. Practice sitting around your house with a mask on. Practice studying with a mask on. You will have to wear a mask for the real thing, so practice conditioning yourself now.

  • Try earplugs: They may give you some squishy, foam earplugs as you take your exam. Pick some up for cheap and practice taking exams/studying/etc in them so 1) you know how to use them and 2) they feel comfortable the day of.

  • Make your own whiteboard: Paper and pencil may be a thing of the past- the MCAT now comes with dry erase pens and notebook to work out any problems by hand or to take notes. In order to practice, purchase some plastic page protectors and skinny dry erase pens to use as your "scratch paper" during your practice exams.


Question: How should I prepare for the MCAT?

Although there is no “one size fits all” best way to prepare for the “new” MCAT the following is a guideline you can consider as you move through your post bac year.   This guide was prepared using input from former PBPM students from the last three cohorts and information post bac program directors and advisors have shared from other institutions.  Information in bold should be priorities regarding timing and preparation.

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