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MSAR Login Instructions


1. If you haven't already, create an AAMC account. Once you do, you can sign in from

2. Select "My Account" in the upper right.

3. Select the fourth option, "Add privilege," which will prompt you for an access code (see photo on right).

4. Enter your access code. (The code is case-sensitive.)

5. Close the “Access Code Has Been Processed” window using the X at upper right then continue to MSAR.

6. Once you enter the access code it associates MSAR with your username and password then becomes invalid so that no one else can use it to associate the MSAR role with their password. It’s a single-use access code.

*You must redeem your access code within 28 days of receiving the email with your access code. From the date you redeem the access code, you will have access to MSAR for the next 12 months.

Usage Tips:

1) Use "Filters" to find schools that meet your criteria whether that is location, class size, etc.

2) You can select "Add to Favorites" to keep a running list of schools 

3) In the right hand corner, you can select "Notes" to keep all of your thoughts in one place

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